Some Useful Resources for Academic Writing:

Statistical Data about Spain and Catalonia:

Software for Personal Network Research:

  • EgoNet - for the collection and visualization of personal network data

  • EgoNet2GraphML - software to convert EgoNet interviews into GraphML files

  • Network Canvas - a touch-optimized framework for personal network analysis, very attractive interface and flexible modules

  • GENSI - a graphical interface to collect ego-centered network data in surveys (see this article for more information)

  • Vennmaker - a tool to map personal networks interactively

  • EgoWeb2.0 - a data collection tool for social network data

  • egor - tools for importing, analyzing, and visualizing ego-centered network data (R environment)

  • statnet - for the statistical analysis, simulation, and visualization of social network data (R environment)

  • RSiena - for the statistical analysis of longitudinal social network data and of the coevolution of networks and behavior (R environment)

  • visone - for the analysis and visualization of social network data. For the visualization of clustered graphs please follow this link, by Jürgen Lerner

  • Gephi - visualization of social network data

  • Urban Network Analysis Toolbox for ArcGIS - visualization tool for urban network analysis

Network Scale-Up Method (NSUM):

  • A useful list of publications, resources, and datasets (until 2014), compiled by H. Russell Bernard

  • NSUM package using a Bayesian framework for population group size estimation using the Network Scale-Up Method (R environment)

Respondent-Driven Sampling (RDS):

  • The website Respondent Driven Sampling, developed by Douglas Heckathorn gives loads of references

  • Package RDS for estimation of data collected with Respondent Driven Sampling, including Heckathorn's RDS-I and RDS-II estimators as well as Gile's Sequential Sampling estimator (R environment)

Kinship Networks:

  • PUCK - a program for the use and computation of kinship data

  • kinsources - a collaborative platform for sharing kinship data

  • pajek - analysis and visualization of large networks (including genealogies)

  • The website of anthropologist Douglas White is a true resource for researchers interested in the quantitative analysis of marriage and kinship systems

Network Visualizations:

The Social Networks Community:


Poverty, Inequality, and Social Exclusion: