Laboratory for the Computational Analysis of Egonetworks, Social Cohesion, and Exclusion

I am proud to announce the newly founded COALESCE Lab, a research lab dedicated to studying processes of social cohesion, polarization, and exclusion from a social network perspective. While these processes are fundamentally relational, they are often studied on an individual level, or on the basis of social media networks. The COALESCE Lab aims to contribute to international research on these processes by focusing in-depth on the everyday relationships among citizens and their societal consequences. It thus aims to connect micro-level relationships to individual and macro-level outcomes.

To do so, the COALESCE Lab conducts mixed-methods research: it has a strong core of computational analysis on network patterns, but also adds qualitative analysis on the meaning of these patterns for individuals and the causal mechanisms underlying their emergence, and agent-based modeling and simulation to study possible macro-level outcomes in more depth. Although the lab is formally embedded in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the UAB, it aims to be an interdisciplinary environment.

The lab was founded to unite the members working on the different projects about social networks and cohesion, polarization, and exclusion, to create synergies and collaboration. So far, we have offered six jobs to early career scholars (see the "job opportunities" section). We are also happy to host academic visitors and PhD students, postdocs, and researchers who wish to join the lab with external grants if their research topics closely align with that of the lab (see the "job opportunities" section for possible grants).

The lab will soon have its own web.


Miranda J. Lubbers

Director of the COALESCE LabAssociate Professor

Michał Bojanowski

Researcher, UAB and Kozminski University, Warsaw; ERC project PATCHWORK

Alejandro Ciordia Morandeira

Postdoctoral researcher, political sociologist, Volkswagen Foundation project

Karla Nahuelpan Sánchez

PhD student, predoctoral grant holder of ANID, Chile

Yunsub Lee

Postdoctoral researcher, sociologist, ERC project PATCHWORK

Sigrún Valsdóttir

PhD student, international joint doctorate, UAB and University of Iceland (predoctoral grant holder of the University of Iceland).

Lara Désirée Brinker

PhD student

Julie Green

PhD student

Zhiyi Jin

PhD student, ERC project PATCHWORK

Núria Targarona Rifà

PhD student, RC project PATCHWORK

Nigel van Herwijnen

PhD student, RC project PATCHWORK

Encarna Poncela Fernández

Project manager PATCHWORK project

current and former VISITORS

Alexi Quintana Mathé

PhD student, Lazer Lab- Network Science Institute, Northeastern University, US
January - September 2022

Eva Jaspers

Associate Professor, Dept. of Sociology, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
October 2021 - March 2022